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What is a Mound System?

Why do you need a mound system?

A mound is a covered, above-grade wastewater treatment system. It also recycles the treated water back into the environment. The mound receives septic tank effluent, which is distributed by a pressurized pipe network in the mound over a layer of coarse sand for treatment before traveling into the soil under the mound.


The system is useful for sites with shallow groundwater, or those with slowly permeable soils. The mound system follows your septic tank and adds an additional pump chamber.


Septic tanks with soil absorption systems are the most commonly used wastewater treatment systems in rural and suburban areas. Schaefer Grading and Excavating is your reliable source for laying the groundwork for your septic tank system.

A certified soil tester will complete a detailed analysis of your soil characteristics, along with other site limitations, including setbacks, slopes, etc., to determine the type of system required for your lot.


The soil tester is looking for a depth to a "limiting factor", such as high groundwater or high bedrock. The current Wisconsin administrative code ILHR 83 mandates a 3-foot vertical separation between the bottom of the soil absorption system and high groundwater or high bedrock.

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