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Know the Signs of a Failing Septic System


Poor soil conditions and faulty design or installation

All septic systems will fail at one point, and you will have to replace the system regardless of what type of system you require. Schaefer Grading and Excavating is here to help you dig up and replace your sewer system.


Some signs of a failing system include sewage backup into your home. However, a backup can also just be the result of a blockage somewhere in the line between your home and septic tank. Another possible sign of failure is the smell of sewage outside your house.


If the liquid effluent cannot soak into the soil surrounding the leach field, sewage may back up into the system and overflow into your house, or puddle on the surface of the ground. There are several potential causes for this problem, all of which we can help you with.

A leaching system placed in unsuitable soil, a system that is too small for the home it serves, or even an improperly constructed system may lead to early failure.

Soil clogging

If sludge or scum is able to get into the distribution box, and from there into the leach field, the soil will become clogged. If this happens, liquid will no longer soak or percolate into the soil. This condition can be caused by broken baffles in the septic tank that allow sludge or scum to escape. Failure to pump your tank can also lead to a situation where the sludge and scum overwhelm the baffles.

Physical damage

Trucks or heavy equipment can render the system inoperable when passing over the system, as they can damage pipes and joints.


The roots of trees or bushes planted too close to your system can sometimes enter and block the pipes. Removal of the plants and clearing the pipes is usually required.

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